Monday, 29 June 2015


It's on, THE BRITISH ESPERANTIST 6. We're not going to run through a load of superlatives to try and convince you to buy this one, that's entirely up to you. A quick word of caution, though, we're printing fewer copies these days, so they tend to sell out much quicker. So, if you want one, get one soon, using these very handy buttons -- 

Thank you for your ongoing support, unless you're not really into what we're doing, in which case we don't owe you a damn thing, least of all our gratitude. Haters gonna hate. We've already shaken it off.


  1. Thank you. I like what you do. I like how you do it. Sending a little bit on man love in your direction

  2. Thanks, Steve, as a long term fan of your space suit blog, the feeling is mutual.