Tuesday, 27 January 2015


It's January 27th and the new edition of The British Esperantist is now ready and available for purchase! It's been a LIVING NIGHTMARE making this edition happen, but we've done it. Not only did we have to find, filter, scan and argue about seemingly endless ephemera, we had to send the whole print run back because it came out spineless, just like a cold-blooded inveterbrate. 

You'll see there have been some changes to the format. There's no date on the cover, nor price, though the price remains the same (though the date has definitely changed). The first copy has already been sold:

Dr. Graham Williams bought it. Graham is a Lecturer in the History of English at the University of Sheffield. His speciality is Late Medieval and Early Modern English although he is also interested in manuscript studies, paleography, digital editing and corpora. He is currently writing a book about sincerity as a textual performance in the Very Olden Days.

He likes The British Esperantist because he finds it 'relaxing'.

Join Graham, buy a copy—it isn't much money at all for a small green pamphlet full of relaxation. AND WHAT'S MORE, the first 25 copies will all receive a free collectable cigarette/chewing gum/whatever it is card,* direct from the 1980s:

Thank you for buying it. And finally—look out!—The British Esperantist postbox has been blessed with some very strange things of late.

More soon.

* Typhoo Tea Bag cards, probably.

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