Thursday, 14 August 2014


Having an association with a publication such as The British Esperantist is not always the wonderfully angst free bowl of black seedless grapes that readers may believe. While much of the mail is electronic, routine and easily dealt with by the compilers, there are messages of support, points of order and sales inquiries which require actual thought and attention. Occasionally there are packages when none are expected:

Such a parcel, received into one of the two offices The British Esperantist keeps, certainly raised our already arched eyebrows an inch higher. Something about the clean lines of the brown tape, carefully word processed label and lack of either return address or identifying postmark (since when has this been legal?) caused a quiet, sober moment, in which we contemplated having our pretty fingers blown off or inhaling a lungful of a lethal bacterium. This anxiety thankfully passed on revealing the contents:

Many thanks to the kind, informed and anonymous reader who sent these books, presumably for review. Please, in future, do include your name and full address so we can properly publish them in the appropriate section of next issue, which, incidentally, will be unleashed in October.

UPDATE: Mystery solved, thanks to Matt K for this precious bundle. Now we just need to find out who sent us the letter bomb and the anthrax.

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  1. Ok, I'll own up to the letter bomb*, but the anthrax was nothing to do with me (this time).

    * how the hell are you still alive by the way, I've enjoyed a 100% success rate until now? Your feedback would be appreciated.