Thursday, 19 June 2014


Julius Caesar. And his magical flame throwing hand. And his iridescent lion. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014


So, Matt (Cheeseman) and I were hanging out in his office, looking at some of his wacky books and talking about 'The Archive' - that avalanche of literature and art and music and maps and tapestries and souvenir thimbles that people like us collect and become obsessed with. 

'Can we make sense of it all? Or is it too late?' asked Matt, talking as much to himself as to me, although I answered anyway (I'm like that) - 'Perhaps', I said, 'it isn't about making sense of The Archive - maybe we just need to point at a portion of it every now and again; it certainly couldn't hurt, and people do like looking at things'. Matt concurred, or, at least, he didn't strike me violently across the face and eject me from the room.

'The British Esperantist' is that pointing finger. The contents are selected more or less at random, with little or no editorial interference. It's not art and it's not literature - nor is it history or woodwork or sports science - to be stupidly disingenuous, it just is, it just is. It serves no purpose other than as a means to give some love to this STUFF that fills our heads, our hearts and our homes. That's good enough for us - we hope it meets with your approval, too. 

The first issue will be available soon. For now, we'll just post the odd (and perfectly normal) bits that didn't quite make the final cut. 

The British Esperantist is published in association with The National Centre for English Cultural Tradition.